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AT SASL, we value and treat referees with respect. We have a "zero tolerance" policy on referee verbal abuse!!


Interested in becoming a ref? See this link below to register and make a difference!

2023 Referee Registration is now open for new referees.

Also, use this link to register thru NCSRA:


- "So you, or someone you know, would like to become a certified New Grassroots US Soccer Referee?"

Before you begin, please be aware that there are some requirements for all Entry Level Referees...


The person registering:

  • must be at least 14 years old (or will be within 90 days or less)

        This is a North Carolina Labor Law

  • must have a valid email address which only they will use.

        This email cannot be shared with another individual

  • must have a valid Debit or VISA/MasterCard Credit Card with an expiration date and CID # (the security number on the back of the card)

        It is recommended that prepaid cards are NOT used to pay the registration fee

  • must have Social Security Number

        This number is required for background checks and payments

  • must submit to a Criminal Background History Check


This is run only for persons 18 years old and above

-"Now that you know the requirements, what is it you need to complete?"

1) Complete the intial registration and payment

2) Create a US Soccer Learning Center Account

3) Register for a Grassroots Online Coursework in the Learning Center

(You will be automatically directed there at the end of the Arbiter registration. Once there you will need to complete a user profile and then register for the on line course). 

4) New referees for 2022 must also attend an on field training session. (they are currently being held live via zoom due to covid)

You can sign up for one of these once you have completed this Arbiter registration.

You can sign up for the course you wish to attend by clicking on Schedule, then clicking Self-assign and then selecting the clinic you wish to attend.


Once you have completed all of your requirements you will receive an Eligiblity Icon on your profile. You will then be able to work all of the remaining months of 2019.

Click the registration link below:

Please report any error in credit card processing, should one occur, to NCSRA immediately via email to


Click Here for the Grassroots New Referee Registration




NCSRA offers multiple in class and on field training opportunities, as well as many course topics and videos on our Twitter page, Facebook and YouTube Channel.



YouTube: NCReferees



If you have any questions, please contact our Referee Assignor Jeff Smith at