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Recreational Soccer does not require trying out, merely signing up!

Every player who signs up within the registration period is guaranteed a spot on a team.  Late registrants ARE NOT guaranteed placement on a team.  For first-time registrants, a copy of the player’s birth certificate must accompany the registration form with full payment.

The primary focus at this level of play is fun, skill development, and teamwork development. No official scores are kept for matches and all players will play at least one-half of the game.

Recreational soccer players from ages 5-10 may be playing as coed teams. SASL has been working with youth soccer players going on 40 years! We've learned a thing or two about our players and what helps them grow as develop. We'd like to share some of that experience and knowledge with you:

  • Children ages 5-10 tend to be fairly evenly matched in size, weight and skill abilities with a few slight differences.
    • Some things we've noticed:
      • Boys at these ages can be a little quicker than girls.
      • Boys at these ages can be a little more aggressive and possessive of the ball than girls.
      • Girls at these ages can be a little more polite and willing to share the ball than boys.
      • Girls at these ages can be a little more positive in their constructive criticism.
    • Why are all of the above statements a GOOD thing??
      • All children at this age (and adults for that matter!) when in a motivating environment work harder to reach their full potential!
      • Boys being quicker will push the girls to be quicker.
      • Boys being more aggressive teaches girls to be stronger and work harder to get the ball.
      • The sharing nature of girls helps boys to more easily learn to pass the ball when their normal instinct is to keep it.
      • The positive comments most girls naturally want to give at these ages teach boys to have a more positive approach in their own responses.
  • We have learned that by allowing boys and girls to learn opposing behaviors on the ball field at a young age they are stronger all-around players as they move up to competitive soccer leagues!