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SASL's Recreation Teams order their uniform items
through the Registration Process

Mandatory items for each player consist of:
1 Jersey kit: White Jersey, Red Jersey, Red Socks

These jerseys can be purchased and used for multiple seasons (you do not have to buy new jerseys every season)



  1. At the bottom of the page you will see a drop down box for "COLLECTION"
  2. Clock "2024 Rec Kit"
  3. Type in the Last Name of the Child
  4. Click "GO TO TEAM STORE"
  5. Here you will find the required items for the kit

There you will also see an optional tab for shorts and ball if you would want those, but they are not required.


Players/Parents are responsible for ensuring their player has a pair of outdoor soccer cleats (baseball/football cleats may not be worn). The player must also wear shin guards to ALL practices and games. A player not wearing shin guards to practice will not be allowed on the field!