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Youth Academy

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Our Youth Academy was implemented beginning the 2019/2020 Soccer Year to enhancethe skills of our youngest players for their future placement on Competitive Teams!

A year-long training program for children with a desire to become competitive soccer players.

Primary Goal of the Academy: Provide Lee County and Surrounding Communities Youth, ages 8-12, with Opportunities for Professional Training by Licensed Academy Coaches. Preparing them for Higher Level Play at ages 12 to 19!


Training Consists of 2-3 Days per Week of Technical Skills, Strengthening & Conditioning.


Unlike Recreation or Competitive teams, Youth Academy players focus on the training aspect of soccer to take players to the next level. It is all about DEVELOPMENT! During the season the Youth Academy teams will play matches against other Youth Academy clubs in the area. They will also enter regional showcases across the state to test their skills.


Mission of the Academy: The Academy is not about Matches & Games. It is about training our young players to get them ready for the Competitive Soccer League.  Ultimately we are preparing them for College level or Professional level play such as with our very own...


2022/23 Youth Academy Fees

Age Group                                   FEE

Youth Academy                              $600

Registration Payments go towards:

·        Annual NCYSA & SASL Team and Player Registration

·        SASL Administration, Field Maintenance & Equipment Replacement and Repair (Goals, Nets, etc.), & Team Fees

·        One (1) Tournament per Year

·        Referee Fees per Season

*Fees DO NOT include uniforms (


SASL Fees Payment: A financial commitment will be set up between the parent and SASL at the time of registration.  Payments are due by the dates of the payment plan selected. Payments can be made online with a credit card through the player account or payments can be made by check.  Checks must be mailed to PO Box 1212, Sanford, NC 27330. If payment is not made, then the player pass will be pulled and the player is NOT permitted to train or participate in any activity until the financial obligations are satisfied.

We also accept debit or credit cards via online registration or cash, checks and money orders via manual payments.  Checks or money orders should be made payable to SASL.  The payment plan will start with a $150 deposit on Commitment Night and then balances will be due according to SASL Fee Agreement Form.

Club Fees:

Registration fee of $150 is due on Commitment Day (by June 3rd). Remaining club fees are due by the 10th of the month listed below in the table if a monthly payment option is selected. Payments can be made online in your player account or by check (mailed to PO Box 1212, Sanford NC 27330). Payments received after the 10th will result in player pass being pulled and a $25 late fee assessed to the account. If the player pass is pulled, the player will NOT be permitted to participate in any activity until all financial obligations are satisfied.

2010-2018 Boys/Girls teams are full season teams (have a Fall and Spring season) (August

2022- May 2023 with a break from mid-November thru February)

Payment Options:

We have two payment options. They are 1). Paid in full in one payment 2). Monthly payments based on the table below.

Tournament Fees: One tournament will be paid for by SASL.  Any other tournament a team participates in has to be paid from its team members equally. 

Uniform: Uniforms are purchased by the player. SASL orders uniforms through Jersey kits include a home gray jersey, away red jersey, red shorts, gray socks (home), red socks (away), and a training jersey to be worn at every practice.

Refund Policy: Registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable to other SASL programs. Club fees will be prorated for a season ending injury or if a family is relocating greater than 50 miles (player release must be completed).

Monthly Payment Plans (if desired):

2005-2009 BOYS 2005-2009 GIRLS 2010-2012 BOYS/GIRLS 2013-2017 BOYS/GIRLS
TOTAL FEE 600 600 700 600
COMMITMENT DAY 150 150 150 150
JULY 0 75 55 45
AUGUST 0 75 55 45
SEPTEMBER 0 75 55 45
OCTOBER 0 75 55 45
NOVEMBER 75 75 55 45
DECEMBER 75 75 55 45
JANUARY 75 0 55 45
FEBRUARY 75 0 55 45
MARCH 75 0 55 45
APRIL 75 0 55 45

2023/24 Birth year = Age group

Find your child's age group next to their year of birth below:

2020 = 4U
2019 = 5U
2018 = 6U
2017 = 7U
2016 = 8U
2015 = 9U
2014 = 10U
2013 = 11U
2012 = 12U
2011 = 13U
2010 = 14U
2009 = 15U
2008 = 16U
2007 = 17U
2006 = 18U
2005 = 19U