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Travel Soccer Parental Code of Conduct

Sanford Area Soccer League is committed to the highest level of conduct from our Players, our Coaches, our Managers, our Volunteers and our Parents. Life’s important values of character, discipline, dedication, fair play, teamwork and respect are best imparted by example. We expect all of our Members to set the highest standards of behavior.


  • We will show and expect respect among all on and off the pitch.
  • There will be no smoking/chewing of any tobacco product in the presence of the players.
  • There will be no drinking of alcoholic beverages in the presence of the players.
  • We will refrain from the use of curse words, and look for positive ways to address situations.
  • We will dress and behave appropriately.
  • Parents will not attempt to influence the choice of players or how the team is run.
  • Parents will not communicate with referees during a match.
  • Parents will not communicate with coaches during a match.
  • Parents will not communicate with players during a match; will not criticize our own player, others on our child’s team or on the opposing team; will not coach from the sideline.
  • A breakdown in our Code of Conduct could lead to suspension.
  • Any Parent receiving a Red Card is subject to possible suspension from all games for the rest of the season.

For the best results, Parents should memorize and use the following:

Before the Match:
I love you. Good luck. Have fun.

After the Match:
I love you. It was great to see you play. What would you like to eat?

Remember they are still children! Set the example with your behavior.