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Where Are Our Funds Going?

Each year at SASL begins June 1st and ends May 31st the next year. The budget has always been designed to cover EXACTLY the amount necessary to ensure player and team fees, as well as administrative and field maintenance costs are covered. Goal is to have a registration fee that is the lowest possible amount to cover those fees to make our programs affordable to everyone!

In doing so there is no wiggle room for large scale events, such as the current global COVID 19 Coronavirus.

Clubs in NC are handling the financial crisis differently across the board, but the one thing that is the same…we have no money in the pot for refunds! Especially those of us in Non-Profit status.

SASL, after much deliberation, determined the only way to give back the most to our members is to offer a Credit for a future season. Refunds would be extremely taxing on the club and is not a feasible solution. For those families requesting refunds only 50% can be returned.

We have applied for the Paycheck Protection Program, requesting $6,700 to cover admin, field maintenance, and referee assignor paychecks. Unfortunately SASL was DENIED because we pay out using 1099’s. From there we attempted to apply for the EIDL (Economic Injury Disaster Loan), but again, DENIED because they are only accepting for Agricultural businesses at this time. We have also spent countless hours in search of Grants, however any grants related to Youth Sports have been canceled until further notice. We are currently tracking 3 upcoming grants that may open for us in the next 3 months, but we won’t know if we can apply until the day the Grant is supposed to open. Last…loans! As in any situation, bank loans are available. However, SASL is run by an all Volunteer Board. To obtain a loan for our organization the board members themselves must be listed on the loan in case SASL as a whole can not make payments. If this were to happen the loan would then become the personal responsibility of the board members. This is not a viable option, especially in the current state of duress in the U.S.

In relation to our current refund policy for the canceled Spring Season, if your family is in need of a refund due to special circumstances such as moving out of the area, or medical conditions of the player or family member that cannot be exposed to the virus, SASL is providing a full refund of the Credit amount on a case by case basis.

If the above circumstances are your own, please contact Mary-Jo Thompson, Executive Director at

Side Note: If you or someone (some business) that you know may be interested in supporting SASL through a Donation or Sponsorship to ensure future play of our youth soccer members please contact 919-708-6886 or