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Beat the Heat Tournament CHAMPIONS!!

SASL United, our 2005 Competitive Boys Team won this past weekend’s tournament in Winston-Salen 5-0!!

Congratulations, you’re on your way to Division 1!

SASL Girls Make History

SASL has been around for almost 40 years, but this 2019 Fall Competitive Girls season was unlike any other…


Long time SASL Coach, and now Girls Travel Director, Ryan Patterson has been coaching girls soccer teams for many years; and not just because he has three daughters of his own that play! He is continuously educating himself to provide the best all-around training and skill development for his players. Because of his long time efforts and the efforts of our Girls Coaches and Assistants we are staring at history in the making.

This season SASL was able to put 4…FOUR…girls competitive travel teams together.
U16 SASL Thunder, U14 SASL Courage, U13 SASL Kickers, and U12 SASL Dash.

It may not sound like a lot, but for Competitive Girls soccer in our little town of Sanford it’s a phenomenal feat! But there’s more…I’ll just let Ryan tell you.

~Ryan Patterson’s heartfelt and proud message to his oldest Competitive Girls Team this past weekend after an incredible Championship Win~

“As I sit here and gather info for [an article] on this SASL girls record breaking season I sit here in awe.
Some of the points for the article:

First girls team to win a Classic Division.
First girls team to be promoted to First Division.
Didn’t know this until today, first SASL girls team to ever win the Adidas Clash. We have had a lot of finalists in the tournaments history but never a champion. Until yesterday…nuff said lol.

At this point with at least three games remaining we have scored 52 goals by 10 DIFFERENT players. That shows how incredibly well rounded this team is. It also helps illustrate why we are so hard to beat (along with goalkeeping). It’s hard to shut down that many players at once. That’s why it seems there is always someone different in each game that steps up and scores that crucial goal.

Goalkeeping and defense: only  11 goals scored on us all year. That’s an average of 0.78 goals per game which is outstanding!
Just had to share!”

Below are our girls teams stats for the season:

  2004 SASL Thunder (CLASSIC SECOND)     7      1     2
  2007 SASL Kickers (TPL)     6      1     0
  2008 SASL Dash (TPL)     5      4     2
  2006 SASL Courage (TPL)     7      0     0
   GF     GA   GD
  2004 SASL Thunder    41      9    32
  2007 SASL Kickers    32      15    17
  2008 SASL Dash    32      34    -2
  2006 SASL Courage    45      5    40
GF: Goals for (goals we scored offensively)
GA: Goals that have been scored against us
GD: Goal differential (GF-GA)

We could not be more proud of the incredible season and effort you’ve put into yourselves, your Team, and your Club!